BOOMBRIX helps 🌳urban trees🌳
and 👩🏼‍💼 management teams 👨🏽‍💼
💧 to use soil moisture data 💧
🕹 and make better decisions 🕹
🌵 on actions during drought episodes🌵

We calculated that

in Amsterdam

50% out of 1 million trees

are prone to moisture stress

We use IoT and remote sensing technology to bring access to real-time data on trees' condition


Based on various data we calculate which trees are at risk and need attention from the stakeholders

Green asset managers receive insights on high-risk trees before they become a liability




BOOMBRIX launches pilot

with City of Amsterdam


As of August 2019 we launched our

pilot in city center of Amsterdam

during which we will test conditions

of 9 urban trees at risk

We are ready to

give voice to the trees

and act on climate change

Are you ready?


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